Thursday, October 30, 2008

Waiting, Walking and Talking

My dad says the letters WWT best some up the oldlady - Waiting, Walking and Talking. And I think that anyone who knows my delightful mother would have to agree. It seems no matter where she is in the world she is content with never knowing the time or day of the week, is happy to walk for hours on her own and will always strike up a conversation with anyone, regardless of language barrier or social status. This certainly makes her interesting to travel with! (For example Mum nearly missed the Eurostar to France as, while stolling through Westminster Abbey had a conversation with the priest and ended up joining him for breakfast ;-)

In September my folks came to visit – it was really good fun showing them the Double Bruyn and taking them sailing. We did a trip to the Netherlands and had a great time on the canals with Anne and Guus. We also went to my aunty Joke and Graham's place in the South France, it was a great party with Dan, Linda, Paul and Sophie also down to visit.

Heres the pics…..

Mum with Linda and Sophie

Will they ever grow up! Mum and Dad in Delft, NL

The Bruyn brothers sailing with the oldman

Joke & Graham's place in Rimont

And Captain Dan made the surprise visit while drying his boat out in France

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Life in Brighton marina

People are often surprised when i tell them i live on a boat. 'Isn't it cold?' Yes, it can be. 'Don't you get bored?' No, actually this boat keeps me so busy i find little time where i'm sitting still. 'How do you manage getting to the showers when its raining?' I get wet. It sounds funny but its almost like cruising again. Coming home from work it really feels like i'm on holiday. You imagine, everyday when i get back to the marina i'm lucky if i make it back to the boat without stopping to chat to someone. Rather than passing strangers and avoiding eye contact, there is that mutual happiness caused by being near the water which always raises a smile and sparks that hello.

Although I have a very awkward berth (difficult to enter with the prevailing wind and one of only a few with a huge pole holding the marina in place) i would never ask to move as i have wonderful neighbours. I have become great friends with a very like minded couple Mick and Debbie, who are always up for a laugh and a beer. Together with the great livaboards in the marina and a regular flow of friends from London and work coming to visit, i'm having an absolute ball.

Next week the DB's on the hard for a month - therefore lots of hard work on the horizon but the reward of a functional humble home at the end of it makes it all worth while. Imagine running water, refrigeration and gas cooking - don't worry i'm not going to get carried away it will still be like the shack ;-)