Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Adios from the Bruyn brothers!

Well this is it, tonight we go. Has been a long time coming and i think we're both pretty excited.

Big thanks for all the emails and encouraging comments, its really nice to hear from everyone. Lots of people have asked about the route we plan to take so here's the plan.... Sail north, north east from PR up past Bermuda to about 40deg Nth, then turn and head for the Azores. While this is a longer route we hope to get some good winds and currents from the gulf stream.

We will try and radio big ships (if we see any) on the VHF and hopefully they can email our position to the oldman, so if anyones interested perhaps try contacting him to see where we're at. Hendrik's email is

Right on, will write next from the Azores

Jon and Paul

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Peurto Rico (and time to cross the pond)

Paul really will sleep anywhere....

With friends in Boqueron, PR

Meggie after our fish / fruit swap in the middle of the Mona Passage

Old San Juan

We made it to Peuto Rico and across the infamous Mona Passage. Over 250 miles and about 80hours into the wind, a good warm up for our Atlantic passage. It was quite an eventfull sail - we snapped one of our side stays and while making a quick fix i fell off the mast and landed on the deck. Funny how we get away with these things, as although i felt like i'd been hit by a car i only had a bunch of bruises. Happy days!

We sailed with our friends Mike and Kylie on their boat Meggie - even after 200miles into the trip we were still so close we could swap fish and vege's in the Mona Passage. Was so cool to sail with them.

Its quite a change to be here in PR - really is the US in Mexico. Walmarts and Mcdonalds, big cars but still lots of little 3rd world habits that America can't change. Very friendly people and an ideal place to provision.

Laura left the Double bruyn yesterday for Chile. We all really enjoyed sailing together, never a dull moment and certainly had some pretty unique experiences.

We've been making our way across the south coast and plan to set off for the Azores within the next week. We're expecting the trip to take between 30 - 40 days, so should be there sometime at the end of June. From the Azores it will be another couple of weeks to the Med, Ye Ha.