Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Netherlands, Belguim, back to the Azores and now London

Sailing on the canals of Friesland
Have had a great time travelling but now after 10 months off need to find work... so am in the UK

After leaving the lads in Spain I flew to the Netherlands. I spent a few weeks catching up with friends and family, had a few crazy nights in Amsterdam and Belguim and managed to get a week back in the Azores before arriving in London.

It was great to be back in NL for summer, there is always lots to do and i love sailing the canals. With lots of family there i was very well looked after (thanks Joke, Graham and Anne for the hospitality!). I was lucky to arrive the same time George and Mimouk were in town, and i also had great nights out with Smarty Renae, and Linda.

I timed it well for the Azores to arrive during the one week Praia Festival (just happened to be built around the marina where the boat is). Had a ball - i really love the Azores, and through Bernadette (my fantastic tour guide) met some really amazing people. It was also great to be back on the boat.

Now im in London and job hunting...... Has been awsome to see lots of good NZ crew again and having alot of fun.