Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Barcelona + Valencia

The two handed Barcelona World Race

A great weekend away with the usual’s - we timed the weekend well with the start of the Barcelona World Race. Was cool, Paul and I were very excited about seeing the worlds latest Open 60’s on display.
The highlights were Gaudi’s architecture, a few crazy nights out on the wallap and Richie t-boning Johnny on his bike and completely buckling the wheel. Also, despite the fact that it’s happened to every other vandie that’s visited, Paul and I on different occasions still managed to lose our wallets to pick pockets (although Paul did choose to sleep under a tree in the middle of town one night).


In September i went to Mallorca to catch up with Paul, who not only had became a real 'captain' but had also scored himself a job as crew on a 170ft superyacht. Mum and dad were over, aswell as Linda, Soph and MelMel. Was awsome.. Spend a week seeing the island and inside many of the local bars and boat clubs. Paul and i even managed to do some small boat racing with the oldies (not sure who won in the end!) Loved it, warm weather happy days.

(Dad got so pissed on his birthday he got us all kicked out of the tapa's bar!)