Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Catching dolphin fish

Cat Island

Sorry its taken so long to write in this again, this is the first internet we’ve had since we left the states. Think we can reliably update it once a month but will try to do more.

We had a great trip down the Intercoastal Waterways from West Palm to Fort Lauderdale with our mates on Barely Twisted. Disrupted loads of traffic going through the 20 odd opening bridges and saw loads of the biggest boats and flashest houses in Florida. We also hit a sunken ship that put a nice big dent in our keel (thats what happen's when you put a Cabin boy on the helm aye Pete)

Captain Paul on the Intercoastal Waterways

From Lauderdale we sailed across the Gulf stream to Bimini in the Bahama’s. Was great to finally leave the states, only took 2 months longer than we thought. Was a great sail and good conditions. A few days later on our way to the next group of islands in the Bahamas we broke our steering in the boat. Was pretty out of it, with no land in site and the closest being Bimini, probably 40 miles away. After 2 days and cutting up lots of things on the boat we managed to get it fixed while bobbing around.

The Gulf Stream

No land and no steering

Aside from a few leaks and a bit of extra water on board we’ve had a pretty good trip down to Georgetown. We went a different route from last time on the French Tickler, sailing the outer islands of the Bahama’s Eluthera and Cat Island. We caught a few fish and lobster along the way and saw many absolutely beautiful deserted beaches too. Divings been great, actually saw a kingfish close to 30kgs but as luck would have it didn’t have my speargun, *#$& it!

Fun behind the boat

Paul and Pete flew at 6am this morning back to NZ for a bit, although I’m looking forward to hearing how that went – After a predictable very drunken last night bar hopping around town, I’ve just found Pauls bag soaking wet with his passport and his plane tickets in and am missing my bag. Guess we don’t always learn from experience!

The Bruyn Brothers