Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Ragged Islands...

Tea time on the Bruyn

Barely Twisted and Double Bruyn in Great Inagua

Moxy, BT and DB

The Crew - George, Sean, Jon, Laura, Sam, Dan and Mack

Dan and his date at the Georgetown Pirate ball

Repairs, sailing and more fishing on the Double Bruyn

Just a quick update....
In Georgetown I left Paul and Pete and met up with George, Dan and Laura on Barely Twisted. We also met another bunch of fun young lads cruising on a boat called Moxy - since we'd not seen Barely Twisted since Laurderdale we were all pretty excited about cruising together again.
We headed off to the uninhabited Ragged islands, a chain of keys for about 80 miles. Awsome sailing, fishing and diving - learnt a bit more about boat maintenence via a few mishaps and have a few shark stories to tell too.

Moxy headed north again and from the bottom of the Ragged islands we sailed 150 miles to Great Inagua with Barely Twisted. This place is pretty cool, one of the highest concentrations of pink flamingo's in the world. Paul and Jason arrive here at the end of the week and then its another 150 odd miles to the Dominican Republic - looking forward to a bit more of a cultural experience.