Tuesday, December 22, 2009


After over 2 and a half years of working in the UK i'm retiring to head off sailing again in the DB. So my time building sub-stations in the South East of England has come to an end (for now at least), the irony obvious leaving a company called 'Freedom'!

It's been alot of fun and good learning curve, i really thoroughly enjoyed my job and certainly made alot of great friends over my time here.

On boxing day i'm heading back to the boat with sister Monique who is over visiting from NZ. We're well ready for a bit of a change of climate since the UK and Europe have just been hit with several snow storms! Don't get much of that in the tropic's luckily.
Adios amigos!

Big picture plan is to wind up in South America sometime after enjoying the Canaries, Cape Verdes and possibly a few other island group's along the way - Who knows will play by ear ;-) Probably take a few days to get her all ship shape but hopefully by New Year's we'll be ready to do some more sailing again. Richie and Dan will be joining the boat in Tenerife, as well as Sophie who will spend a couple of week's in the Canaries with us.

Right on hope everyone has a good christmas where-ever in the world that may be!

Jonboy ~~__/) ~~